The new Trinity College fight song, "Go, Bantams, Go!" was created entirely within the Trinity family.  Make sure to visit the links on the right side column of this page for videos and remixes of the song, as well as complete credits, and other links.  The above photo was taken at the song's official introduction on Nov. 6, 2010 at the Homecoming football game between Trinity and Amherst College.  President Jones, Michael Renwick, Director of Athletics, and the Bantam presented Edward W. Sloan with a plaque including the sheet music of his work along with a photo from his days as a Trinity professor, while Sloan's family was on hand for the presentation.  The song will be used at athletic events, and in online multimedia productions.     

"Go, Bantams, Go!" by Edward W. Sloan, Professor Emeritus

To download this song, the vocals only recording of The Pipes, and the fight song ringtone, visit the download page on the right. 

Hartford, Conn. - Edward W. Sloan, Charles H. Northam Professor of History, Emeritus, taught history at Trinity for 38 years. Nine years after his retirement, he is sharing a little more history with Trinity after winning a competition to create the College's new official fight song.

Sloan's work, "Go, Bantams, Go!," is scheduled to be produced in the upcoming year and will support Trinity sporting events. It also will be made into a ringtone, will be used in multimedia productions, and will be used for other various purposes.  Sheet music is available to the public (below), and a sound file with be available upon completion of the professional recording.

"The song is catchy and contemporary, yet timeless," said Robin Sheppard, associate director of athletics and a member of the judging panel.  "All of the entries were unique and of very high quality, but in the end, this piece stood out as the song that we envision the community embracing for years to come."

The competition, which was launched in January 2010, was open to any current or former member of the Trinity community, including parents.  A panel of judges at Trinity narrowed down 12 competitive submissions - each assigned a fictional name - to two finalists before selecting Sloan's work.  Before the final round, judges were shown the submissions and asked to select the top two musical and lyrical entries from the original pool.  Once the judges had selected two final entries, the panel made suggested revisions to each composer through a moderator.

The judging panel included Sheppard; Fred Alford, dean of students; Gail Woldu, associate professor of music and department chair; Dan Roman, assistant professor of music; David Kingsley, director of sports communications; Kristen Gordon, assistant director of alumni relations; Drew Sanborn, director of publications; and Abigail Alderman '11, a student-athlete at Trinity.  

Sloan is an alumnus of Yale University and has two children who graduated from Trinity - Palmer, class of 1983 and Hunter, class of 1985. He also has a grandchild, Portia, who is a senior at the College.  Sloan's areas of expertise as a Trinity professor were United States history, maritime history, business history and the history of technology.

"I thank Trinity for the honor of choosing my composition," Sloan said.  "It means a lot for me and my family to give something back to Trinity after all that the College has done for us for so many decades."

The song, which will be professionally recorded and debuted at a Trinity sporting event this year, is dedicated in memory of Kathleen O'Connor Boelhouwer, the former vice president for alumni relations and communications at Trinity.  Boelhouwer, Class of 1985, was a musician and member of the College Concert Choir as an undergraduate, and was heavily involved in the creation of the fight song contest prior to its launching.

By coincidence, this is not the first song that Sloan has written for the Trinity community.  In 1988, Sloan inked "The Blue and the Gold," which was first sung at a Board of Trustees dinner by the Trinity Pipes.  Sloan says he wrote that piece " offer another singable song for the College."

Aside from a number of hymns and anthems that Sloan composed for St. Andrew's Episcopal Church starting around 2001, the following were all composed for, and performed and recorded by The Shoreline Community Chorale.  Except where noted, Sloan wrote both music and lyrics:

"Who Has Seen the Wind," set to the poem by Christina Rossetti (2003); "Our Song to Spring" (2004); "I Welcome Each Day with a Song" (2004); and "Agnus Dei" (2005), which intersperses Latin and English lyrics.  In addition, Sloan wrote "Alleluia in Cool Blue" (2006-07), a six-part a-cappella piece using jazz vocal harmonies; a concert piece, "Sing to the Hope of America" (2008-09); and more satirical and whimsical compositions entitled: "Hymn to Wine" (2009); and "A Self-Indulgent Yuppie's Love Song" (2010), for various musical organizations.

Chris Saranec ('86, M'91) was a finalist in the competition for his work entitled, "Across the Quad."  Saranec earned an Honorable Mention in the competition for his distinguished work.   

For more on the history of the fight song at Trinity and the competition, visit:





Chris "Dr Noize" Saranec '86 M'91 was one of two finalists in the Trinity College Fight Song Competition and receives an Honorable Mention for his piece entitled "Across the Quad," posted below as performed by 'Dr Noize & the IV Leakers.'  Saranec, Executive Director of Music Licensing at Universal Pictures, sealed his fate as headed into music when classmate Tim Nash '84 coined the nickname ("Saranec, you are really Dr Noize") while strolling on the Long Walk on the campus of Trinity, because of the singer's vocalese of being heard from Cook Arch to Downes Memorial.  The nickname was made permanent by Capt. Bill Nault '85, and it has stuck as the pseudonym under which Mr. Saranec recorded another iTunes release this year.  For music by Dr. Noize, click here.  For more on Saranec's publishing company, click here.  The fight song committee extends their congratualtions to Saranec.  The winner is yet to be announced publicly.  (Photo: Saranec leads the Alma Mater, 'Neath the Elms at the close of the 2006 National Alumni Meeting) 

"Across the Quad" by Chris Saranec

The judges for the fight song competition are happy to announce that two finalists have been selected.  The finalists have been notified and will submit versions for a final round of judging.  An update on the winner will be made available later in the summer, so make sure to check back for the results!   

Fight Song Update ~ 4/29/10

Thanks to all that have submitted entries to the official Trinity College fight song contest.  Submissions are being reviewed by a panel of judges comprised of various members of the Trinity community.  We appreciate your patience as the judges sort through submissions.  We hope to have an update shortly.   In the meantime, Go Bantams Go!

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Welcome to GoBantamsGo, the official home of the Trinity College Fight Song.  This blog provides guidelines for submissions, a historical snapshot of the Trinity fight song, and more.  Check back here periodically for updates.
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Trinity Opens Fight Song Competition to Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Parents

Contemporary Song will add New Chapter to Fight Song History


Hartford, Conn. - Trinity College invites all members of the student body, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents to participate in a competition to create a new College fight song.  The winning song will be used at athletic and school-related events, incorporated with digital productions for online media, and made into a ringtone.  The winner will be awarded a permanent spot in Trinity history, exposure in various Trinity publications, and will have the option of performing the song live when the final version is debuted to the public.

"The success of athletics at Trinity is something we all take pride in, and a new fight song would only support that longstanding tradition of pride in our program and our school," Rick Hazelton, athletic director, said.  "This song would dual as a point of pride in the high level of creativity that exists in our community." 

To enter, participants must adhere to a set of restrictions placed to ensure fairness, integrity, and quality.  For a complete list of guidelines, visit:, the official home of the Trinity College fight song.  All genres of music are eligible and encouraged.  The winning entry will be chosen by a panel of judges from related Trinity departments, including athletics and music.  Entries will be judged on quality and the song's ability to span generations, where traditional meets contemporary.  There is no limit to the number of entries, and participants can work in groups, as long as each member adheres to the guidelines.  All entries must be received by March 31, 2010. 

Trinity has had more than 30 different songs in its history that can be categorized as a "fight song."  Sheet music for all songs is available in the Watkinson library archives. 

"It's time for a contemporary fight song," Peter Knapp, College Historian and Archivist said.  "Trinity has introduced new fight songs periodically throughout the years, and it's reached the point where it's time for a new one."